Ultra Rare Photos Of Le Corbusier In Color!

When remembering the renowned architect – and his buildings – our most lasting images are almost entirely in black and white. In 1953, photographer Willy Rizzo took these incredible and endearing color photographs of Le Corbusier, which haven’t been published since three of them appeared that year in the magazine Paris Match. For the first time since, these images can be seen between 19th September and 20th December, 2012, at Maison La Roche in Paris.

Interested? Take a look on lejournaldelaphotographie for the ultra rare photos of Le Corbusier.

Le Corbusier by Willy Rizzo
Presented by Fondation de Le Corbusier
19th September – 20th December, 2012
Maison La Roche
10 Square du Docteur Blanche 75016
Paris, France

source: http://lejournaldelaphotographie.com/entries/8576/le-corbusier-by-willy-rizzo


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