What is it?

In the center of Breda there is a  ’you’re here’-sign from google. The red marker is of life size in the physical world. The Google maps symbol attracts the attention of anyone who’s walking, cycling or driving by. It’s a project of the Graphic Design Festival. The creator of the symbol Aram Bartholl placed the “online” sign in our real world.

Why it’s cool?

It’s cool because it attracts your attention. The technology in our society is naturalized we all recognize it even if it’s a simple graphic icon. We know what it is, it’s cool that it is not only used for which it is intended, but also for inspiration like art. The ‘A’ involved the society, it becomes a part of the city. The experience economy is a virtual ‘A’ that fits in phase 4. Because it’s a virtual sign placed in the real world.

Source: http://datenform.de/map.html 



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