What is it?

It’s almost scary, the pictures of Lady Gaga as a man seems so real! The singer once again shows of her alter ego as Jo Calderone for a photo shoot. The photos were taken for the cover of her latest single “You and I”. Lady Gaga posted the pictures on her Twitter account and placed the text “If you do not love yourself you will never find what you seek in love”.

Last year Gaga was already dressed as Jo Calderone when she had a photo shoot for the Japanese Vogue.

Why it’s cool?

It’s cool because it has a lot to do with the trend: masculinity – femininity. It’s a trend which isn’t easily to describe. Here you see Gaga in an extreme way of showing her male side. In everyday life you don’t see it extreme like this, but you see more females how are showing off there male side. You see females wear boyfriend jeans, suits with a tie and jackets without any form.

lady gaga man vogue hommes japan

Source: http://www.catwalkqueen.tv/2010/08/lady_gaga_revea_1.html


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