What is it?

Make up for the modern men. Men take care of their looks more and better. Not only clothes and hairstyles are getting more attention than before, men are spending more time and money on skin care. And they make once in a while an appointment at the beautician for a facial.

Why it’s cool?

Men are giving more attention to their body, they often go to the gym. The men takes care of himself, after exercise or after taking a shower he now uses a body cream. The men is also more in to his skin tone, and sometimes he uses the solarium. Increasingly men are using ‘man makeup’. This is a sign of the trend; Masculinity – Femininity, because men are more aware of their appearance. They’re using female things like make up to look good and cared.

Men with lipstick? Could it be a new trend? During the Milan Fashion Week, the male models of Vivienne Westwood are spotted with lipstick.

media_xl_590258 media_xl_590261















Source: http://www.adversus.nl/beauty/huidenmakeup/must-haves-moderne-man/


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