What is it?

A new trend is spotted. We have seen the legging for women, now men are also wearing leggings. The ‘magging’ takes over the big city’s like New York. Even celebrities like Justin Bieber, Russell Brand and Lenny Krevitz are wearing them.

Why it’s cool?

It’s cool because it has a lot to do with the trend: Masculinity – Femininity. Men are taking over clothing for women, take the skinny jeans, a view years ago we never thought that men would wear skinny jeans. So how would it go with the ‘magging’? Would it be hot or not to see men in a ‘magging’? We’ll see!

Source: http://www.grazia.nl/2012/12/10/hot-or-not-de-megging/  and http://fuckyeahmeggings.tumblr.com/

tumblr_mh45mbFDCb1qgqrtwo1_500 tumblr_lfk7bgCeKc1qel0c0o1_400


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