What is it?

Eat-In is a concept where all your tablemates bring their own food and share it with all the people at the table. You have to bring good, clean and fair food. You can prepare your food at home, but you can also bring a kilo of apples from the local farmer, a tasty dry sausage made of pork or a good cheese and some bread with you. One condition: it must be “real” food, preferably of durable quality products. So don’t come with frozen hamburgers because they are not appreciated.

Usually YFM organizes eat-ins around a specific theme. Often the goal is to bring attention around our food system like bio-industry ore fishery. But it can also by an cultural theme like “Back to the roots”.

Why it’s cool?

It is cool because people can enjoy delicious and fair food together. Besides that it’s also a way to stand still and think about your food, where does it come from and where has it been, before you put it in your mouth. They are going to think about food and how important it is to use it the right way. Also people can share their own experience with each other.

Source: http://youthfoodmovement.nl/p/eatins


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