What it Is:
These bricks are a concept made by two designers who took part in the International Design Award Competition. The bricks are made of plastic (recycled of curse) and fallen leaves of trees. These bricks are not only made of recycled materials, they’re also designed to catch rainwater. So the rainwater can be used for multiple purposes like water for fountains, cleaning, fire fighting and for toilets.

Why it is Cool:
This type of brick is cool because it is made off materials that otherwise would be throw away. This brick is also eco-friendly to produce, because of the waste materials they’re using for this concept. And also because catching rainwater with this brick to use this for other purposes is really clever. This concept is made by recycled materials, useable for buildings and able to provide you with a grey water supply (grey being undrinkable but good for other purposes).

savewater3 485x598xsave-water-recycled-brick-idea-thumb-485x598-15086.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.i3CBk5TAa4

Source: http://green.thefuntimesguide.com/2010/09/save-water-recycled-brick.php  


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