What is it?
It’s a rain cape made of potatoes. The material is called bioplastic and that is extracted from potato starch. Solid stuff, so you don’t have to be afraid that the poncho melts in the rain. The primary biodegradability shall not enter into force until process underground.

Why is it cool?
Especially in the rainy countries this product will be future potential. The poncho (invented by the Japanese microbiologist Masanobu Fukuoka) is still only sold in European countries because the Mediterranean seeds will grow in their own natural environment as much as possible. The poncho is made from potatoes, so the concept behind this poncho is incredibly durable. You can  throw this poncho away, included in nature so also a tree can grows from it. A very valuable second life, where many lives yet will come from.

SpudCoat equilila_poncho_extra_3

























Source: http://www.ecoforall.nl/plantaardige-poncho-groot.html


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