What is it?

It’s a new concept from Mud Jeans. But how does it works?

You just have to pay 20 euros and every month a lease price a 5 euros. After 12 months you can choose if you want to keep the jeans or not? Then you just pay another 4 extra months lease price and after that you can keep the jeans and by returning you’ll get the 20 euro you payed, discount at a new jeans. But you can also change the jeans for a new model and pay 7,50 euro extra and the same lease price a month. Or you can send the old jean back to Mud we’re it’s being recycled.

Why is it cool?

Mud is a sustainable brand, all the jeans are made of organic and recycled cotton! The old jeans that are sent back, will be used again for new jeans. So it’s way better than producing new materials for jeans. We all know that the natural resources are decreasing and at the end maybe disappear. And this is the perfect way to stay sustainable and increase people to buy or lease bio clothes that are payable for all of us. I think that in the future a lot of brands will participate because there is no other option. After all we all have to do something to help us and the environment!

Source: http://www.mudjeans.nl/nl/information/Leas%20a%20Jeans/


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